Wheat biscuit recipe indian

This recipe uses only three ingredients.

The whole wheat gives these biscuits a nutty flavor.

Make a soft dough using atta and little bit of maida, shape the biscuit using a biscuit maker.

So it is pretty. Whole wheat biscuits taste so delicious with a cup of tea or coffee. Mixing all-purpose flour and whole wheat flour keeps these tasty biscuits light and airy. Time to indulge in some sweet and spicy Atta Biscuits. Resplendent with the aroma of ghee and the magic of Indian spices like nutmeg and cardamom, these.

Can be offered as finger food to babies and toddlers. It makes a. How to bake eggless wheat. Step-by-step recipe of Homemade Atta Biscuits. Learn how to I wanted to encourage people to make healthy, whole wheat, eggless bakes at home.

Spiced Whole Wheat Cookie Recipe (Atta Biscuit).

I wanted. Eggless wheat biscuits recipe: Step by step recipe of eggless wheat biscuits or whole wheat biscuits at home. How to bake eggless wheat biscuits in oven. The best part is that this recipe is eggless and made with atta or wheat flour which is best to make these biscuits, it is the same with which we make our rotis and. Super Easy Whole Wheat Biscuits This biscuit recipe is so quick and easy - plus it has only 5 ingredients.

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How to Make the Fluffiest Whole-Wheat Biscuits. These everyday Atta Biscuits aka Whole. Prep Time: 10 mins. Baking Time: 20 mins. Recipe Category: Healthy Snacks Recipe Cuisine: Indian. Patting and folding the dough makes the biscuits flaky too. I was looking for a recipe with British. Great recipe for Whole Wheat Flour Cookies in Pressure Cooker.

You can now dish out these amazing cookies in a pressure cooker. They are flavored with cinnamon powder and vanilla essence. Simple and Easy Cuisine: Indian. Why the heck not. Being indian i used the regular flat bread (chapathi) flour for ww soaked bread. but i realized our.